Renfloor is used in floor and surface disinfection of critical areas such as operating theater, intensive care and laboratory. It is possible to use it in fixtures by wiping Method.

  • Health care including nursing care long term care facilities.
  • Dental care.
  • Pharmaceutical environments.
  • Health and wellness facilities, spa. resorts, children day care facilities etc.


  • Renfloor is high performance floor cleaner- disinfect in one step, but in heavy soiled environment pre-cleaning is strongly recommended.
  • Removes gross dirt with a standard floor cleaner.
  • Dilute the recommended dosage with tap water and apply the product to the surface.
  • It is recommended to rinse or wipe the surface afterwards.
  • Note: I% dilution = 10ml/liter we recommended diluting the product directly before use.
  • Use the diluted product within 30 days. 


  • To assure safety use only for the intended purpose as directed.
  • Wear protective gloves and glasses.
  • In case of contact with eyes. rinse immediately with plenty of water and take medical advice.
  • Don't mix with other solutions.
  • Keep away from the heat sunlight and reach of children.


1 ltr bottle in 25 bottles (Carton)

5 ltr bottle in 2 bottles (Carton)

COMPOSITIONEach 100ml Contains
Hydrogen Peroxide Solution IP6% w/v

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