Façade combo is designed to clean and disinfect surfaces and environment façade Combo has a goad cleaning and a wide range of germicidal action , ensuring total disinfection and sterilization of rooms and surfaces. Microbiology :Bactericidal, Yeasticidal fungicidal tuberculocidal mycobactericidal and virucidal against enveloped viruses incl (HBV,HIV,HCV)

 PRODUCT PROPERTIES: Short exposure terms effective against clostridium difficile spores Excellent cleaning power.

 AREAS OF APPLICATION: Façade power is suitable for cleaning surface disinfection of washable surfaces using with wet wipe procedure.

 for example: For medical devices and inventory which comes under medical device directive in hospitals and residential / nursing homes particular for all functioning areas (acc to BPD) for areas in the pharmceuticals that are relevant to hygiene ( acc. To BPD) in laboratories and the cosmetics industry.

 DIRECTION FOR USE: Façade power is supplied as a concentrate. prepare use - solutions with cold water completely wet and washable surfaces..( eg: floors) with an adequate amount of solution.

 MATERIAL COMPATIBILITY: façade power use-solution were tested for their compatibility on the following materials among others Metals : Stainless steel (V2A), aluminum copper Brass.

 Plastics: Polyethylene, Polypropylene, Polystyrene Polyuretgen, PVC, silicon ,rubber latex. makrolon acrylic glass Teflon.

 PACKING: I ltr bottle in 25 bottle (Carton) and 5 ltr bottle in 2 bottles (Carton) 


  • Avoid contact with concentrated solution.
  • Keep Away from the children .
  • Don't mix with other solutions.

NOTE : To reduce evaporation before and after application, close doors and windows , and switch off the AC's/fans Disinfected surface must remain in contact i.e, wet with solution for 10 to 20 mins for optimum results.

COMPOSITIONEach 100ml contains
1,6-Dihydroxy 2,5-Dioxahexane(chemically bound Formaldehyde)11.2g
Benzalkonium chloride5.0g
Alkyl Urea Derivative3.0g
Purified Water IPQS

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