Disposable Floor Mop Pads

  • ABSORBS LIQUIDS QUICKLY AND DRIES 60% FASTER than string mops . Perfect for kitchens , dining rooms, bathrooms , convenience stores , cafes , office spaces, classrooms , patient rooms , walkways, and stairs. Micro bundle technology in the sorbents employees millions of tiny voids available for cleaning chemicals.
  • Dries 60% faster than string mops. Perfect for convenience stores and cafes.
  • No special tools required . Easily ATTACH to any hook and loop mop frame.II
  • NO SPECIAL TOOLS REQUIRED : Easily attach to any flat floor cleaning tool with hook and loop attachment system.
  • Can be used on all common floor types . II DISPODABLE AND CONVENIENT : Discard rather than reuse the pads, reducing the likelihood of spreading bacteria and other contaminants.
  • USE ON ALL FLOOR TYPES : Can be used on all common floor types like concrete , marble , terrazzo, linoleum , rubber , sheet vinyl , stone , textured surfaces, tile , wood.
  • IDEAL FOR HEALTHCARE : Quat disinfectants will not bind to the pad making the pad perfect for healthcare.
Cat CodeDescriptionPack Size
RBSTCLMPDPSterile disposable clean room mop pads.10/pack

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