• The sampling systems range of sterile scoops in the tool of choice for thousands of companies around the world. our sterile , disposable scoops(spades) are manufactured in a clean room and packed in clean room to ensure cleanliness.
  • They are all individually bagged and so can be used straight from the bag without the need for costly cleaning. these single use plastic scoops ( spades) are available in a wide range of sizes , colors and grades of plastic.
  • the scoops are ideal for both sampling and dispensing powder sand granules. the sampling system range of disposable pharma scoops are the ultimate in quality and affordability.
Cat CodeDescriptionPack Size
RBSTSCS15Sterile sampling Scoops - 15ml100/pack
RBSTSCS50Sterile sampling Scoops - 50ml100/pack
RBSTSCS100Sterile sampling Scoops - 100ml100/pack
RBSTSCS250Sterile sampling Scoops - 250ml100/pack
RBSTSCS500Sterile sampling Scoops - 500ml100/pack

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