Fully Auto cleavable spray bottle for industrial use

For pharmaceutical production, QC testing and clinical laboratory.


·        Renaud autoclavable spray bottle (RASB) is composed of heat resistant parts can be Sterilized by high pressure stream.

·        RASB has a special piston structure with excellent heat resistance and durability, And is economical for long term use.

·        RASB is designed for ease of use; fine mist can be sprayed with ease.

·        RASB is sterilized at 121°c for 30 minutes.

·        RASB is sterilized at a high temperature of 135°c for 5 minutes.

·        RASB is designed to re-use for 50 Autoclave cycles

Cat CodeDescriptionPack Size
RBASB500MAutoclavable Spray Bottle for Pharmaceutical production, QC Testing and Clinical Laboratory use. It can withstand temperature of 121°c for 30 minutes. 20/pack

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