Renaud, the leading global partner to the pharma and healthcare industry, was established in August 2016. We are known for providing exceptional service strongly backed by in-depth knowledge and proficiency in related disciplines. Every day, we strive for excellence by delivering on-time professional and competent solutions with integrity, accuracy, and transparency.

Product We Provide

Regin Hand Rub Hand Sanitizer
Hand Sanitisers
REGIN hand rub CT - Surgical rub
Surgical Rub
Vectracidal Surface Sanitizer - 5L
Vectracidal Surface Sanitizer

Frequently Asked Questions

What Products does Renaud Bio Offer?
We are specialists in supplying scientific laboratory consumables in any quantity, worldwide. We offer a full range of high-quality glass vials. We are introducing comfortable, well-designed personal protective equipment(PPE) offering the best possible protection. This includes protective clothing, helmet, goggles designed to prevent infection. We also carry industrial-grade disinfectants to provide broad-spectrum disinfection in various commercial and household settings. If you don't see what you need, please contact us as we regularly add to our product range.
What is the Method of Delivery?
No order is big or small for us; we deliver a range of packaging options all over the world. With our tie-ups with Amazon and Flipkart, your orders will reach you safely at your doorsteps. Feel free to call us to order or shop online, and we assure you a fast, easy, transparent, and reliable shipment of your products.
Why To Choose Renaud Bio?
We always strive to improve the performance of existing products and develop new innovative products to improvise the quality of our lives. Our scalable production unit has consistently increased its capacity and leveraged our expertise to be part of the solution for any given crisis. We produce different designs of glass-vials which are highly shatter-resistant, extremely durable, and free of cosmetic defects. We meet all worldwide regulatory requirements to serve all geographic sectors.
How do I obtain a Material Safety Data Sheet for a Renaud Bio Products?
Our products usually come with MSDS. If you don't find it in your orders, you can contact us. We will ensure that you will get MSDS at the earliest. We are always committed to providing you with all the answers to any questions about our products and ingredients.
How Safe is Renaud Bio Products?
Your safety is our priority. Every product that comes from our brand undergoes a robust Product Safety Analysis. We are committed to maintaining our highest standards of quality control by ensuring that our product's design, the quality of the materials used, and the production management procedures are strictly implemented.
Who are Our Customers?
Our customers are those who work in or in close relation with healthcare industries that include but not limited to medical laboratories, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies. With the current launch of PPE kits and protective gear, we are excited to do our bit by serving frontline warriors and our communities.
How Can I Place an order? Who do I Contact?
You can visit our website to place an order or call our customer service.
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